Driven. Together.

Providing correct solutions is in our blood. It’s just who we are.


In an era teeming with technology, possibilities abound. Fast paced business, and the constant onslaught of visual pollution call for producing the correct solutions for our clients. We see this as the equalizer that feeds the bottom line. Simply looking good doesn’t cut it.

If the work isn’t generating positive results and your obstacle isn’t overcome, it’s a failure. 


At Vast, we marry great creative with quantifiable results. We passionately drive forward. And this gives us the desire to partner with clients. Together, we’ll build something you’ll want to share with the whole wide world.

David Hunter

Principal, Business Manager

David brings more than 15 years of experience working for major film production companies in L.A. and Chicago. He switched his focus to business development, and is passionate about understanding a client’s branding and marketing needs long before the project has even officially begun. This ensures that our team is prepared to hit the ground running.

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Alec Villarreal

Principal, Creative Copywriter

Alec is passionate about the art of copywriting. With a background in creative writing, he elevates the conversations happening around brands through engaging and vivid storytelling. He’s also the editor of Mythos Zine, a popular small press publication in Northwest Indiana.

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Joseph Gonzalez

Principal, Creative Director

Joseph brings more than 16 years in the industry. From working in a small design studio to a large corporate in-house marketing department, Joseph has excelled in many roles as a creative director, photographer, artist and leader in the creative community. With a deep understanding of design with purpose, Joseph helps our clients craft their branding, strategy, and story.

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We Believe

In building long term partnerships with our clients.