Listing Leaders

Helping the fastest-growing brokerage in Northwest Indiana conquer the real estate market locally and beyond.

From our very first meeting, we knew we would get along with Listing Leaders' owner, Kevin Hutnick. His industry expertise, humor and dedication to making a difference in Northwest Indiana's real estate market is infectious, and draws agents in from other brokerages daily. There was just one problem: Listing Leaders didn't have established brand standards.

The company's explosive growth presented a challenge for Kevin. He was moving so fast to keep up with the sheer volume of work that he didn't have the time necessary to establish logo guidelines, set typography, a rich color palette and so on. To no fault of their own, many of the brokers were creating marketing assets that varied across the board, and this resulted in an inconsistent brand.

Kevin tasked Vast with reigning in the brand. We determined a new look-and-feel for Listing Leaders and revamped their website with fresh content and agent headshots. We also developed a host of collateral for their agents, recruitment program and school. It's this work that eventually led us Julie Capron, owner of Listing Leaders Michigan.

Using the baseline we created for Listing Leaders Corporate, we crafted an identity for the Michigan franchise that was both unique and consistent with the rebrand.


Branding, Graphic Design, Signage, Copywriting, Web Design, Photography, Videography, Social Media Management and Internal Document Library

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