The Devil's Trumpet

Developing three dynamic campaigns around three highly sought-after annual release Stouts.

As is the case with many great opportunities, we didn't see this one coming. We were introduced to The Devil's Trumpet Brewing Company through a local friend. The owner was interested in discussing how he could market his new line of beers, but before we could tackle that venture, we were tasked with building three campaigns around three of his most popular annual beers: Chocolate Taco, Vanilla Bean Night Goat, and Heaven's Court. Using strong visuals and clever messaging via social media, we were thrilled to see the turnout for each of these beer releases. What started off as a social media and promotion ask quickly turned into more design and photography. The style and visual direction was determined by our team on the fly and the results are the start of a new creative direction for The Devi's Trumpet.


Concepting, Strategy, Photography, Graphic Design, Product Design, Videography, Copywriting and Social Media Management

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